With the agency model, you don’t have to give up direct ownership of accounts on marketplaces. You will have full control over the operational, fiscal, and administrative aspects. Before choosing this model, however, you must be sure that you will be able to sustain the workload, that you can manage all the operational part of sales on marketplaces and have an efficient logistics structure at your disposal.

Only in this way can we be able to support you in the best way. We’ll manage your marketplace accounts for you to help you maximize your online sales in Europe and around the world.

What are the services we will take care of?

  1. Definition of the strategy;
  2. Organization of the catalogue;
  3. Advertising activities;
  4. Relations with marketplaces;
  5. Only if required the management of logistics, returns, customer service, legal, and accounting management.

Financial and accounting procedures, such as invoicing to the end customer and other administrative steps, are directly responsible for you as the direct owner of the accounts on the marketplaces.

The marketplaces on which we sell your products

We sell your products on national and international marketplaces. We will choose the right platform for you in terms of your corporate business to guarantee the best return on investment.

These are just some of the marketplaces on which we operate:

Why choose the Agency model

What is the concrete advantage you will get with our Agency model?

You will be able to sell your products to the final consumer through our stores present in the various marketplaces as an e-commerce service accelerator.

The experience in marketplace services, the attention to international consumer satisfaction, the integrated logistics platform, the proprietary technologies and the Customer Service in 9 languages ​​make us the ideal partner for companies that want to exploit the immense opportunities of online marketplaces.

Now choose the Agency model and fill out the form. We will contact you to explain how to reach new goals on the marketplaces.