Sales B2C

Our B2C (Business-to-Consumer) offer allows you to sell your products to the end consumer through our stores located on the main marketplaces, thus acting as your e-commerce service accelerator.

Our experience in online marketplace services, our care in the satisfaction of the international consumer, the integrated logistics platform, proprietary technology and Customer Service in 9 languages make us the preferred partner for businesses that want to satisfy the demand generated by e-commerce marketplaces without having a direct presence.

We make available for our clients a “dynamic pricing” platform operating on all the main international e-commerce marketplaces, enabling setting of the best price for each individual  product and delivery of a logistical integration service so as to rapidly scale up sales volumes.

A major part of this Business Unit is Brook Bookstore, one of the largest online bookstores in the world, with a regularly updated catalogue and fast shipments worldwide. We own the distribution rights for all the publishers we promote in our bookstore and we’re always looking for new and interesting titles to offer our clients.

How to work with us

For us to be able to assist you and start the process of integration, you need to do the following:

provide us with your price list in CSV or TXT format

send us the file via SFTP or make it available via HTTPS  

if you have an ERP or an e-commerce website with APIs we can ensure integration with your system

It’s vital to also check that the files are error-free and comply with the required standards so as to prevent problems during the integration process. You can choose which of the various file transmission methods available is the most suitable and convenient for you.

Contact BOG Sales B2C

For further information and more details, and to find the best solution to meet your needs, contact us now.