We’re the ideal partner for companies that want to kick-start their digital strategy so as to launch or enhance their presence on e-commerce marketplaces, also with an eye on diversification and geographical expansion using an international, multi-marketplace approach

You can opt for across-the-board consultancy or choose any of our specific services. Thanks to a highly varied client portfolio, we offer extensive experience ranging across many areas including Fashion, Clothing, Furnishings, Cosmetics, OTC Medicine, Consumer Electronics, and more.


To help you sell on e-commerce marketplaces by offering you comprehensive solutions!
You provide the product, we provide the know-how and expertise in online marketplaces.

Where do you want to sell?

We have 50+ marketplaces in our portfolio. We help you select those that are most suitable for your specific needs and objectives.

How do you want to sell?

We operate using different business models:

Agency model: you’re the direct owner of the account on one or more marketplaces and you sell directly to the end consumer with us acting as your consultants.

Distribution Model: we sell your products through our stores located on the marketplaces.

Do you need support only for one stage of the process?

We can provide you with specific services for specific areas of activity.

Our consultancy ranges across 8 areas of activity and embraces the whole sales process.

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Analisi mercato

Market evaluation

  1. Analysis of brand presence in current and potential target markets 
  2. Assessment of the competitive scenario
  3. Assessment of sales potential for each business model (B2B and B2C), marketplace and geographical market
piano vendita

Definition of a personalized sales plan

  1. Analysis of the client’s commercial strategy and potential areas of development and synergy on digital channels
  2. Definition of a digital sales plan developed ad-hoc for the client and designed by business model (B2B and B2C), marketplace and geographical market
creazione catalogo

Catalog creation and optimization

  1. Supporting catalogue selection for each business model (B2B and B2C), marketplace and geographic market
  2. Catalogue digitization (photoshooting and video creation)
  3. Content creation and translation into 8 languages
  4. Optimization of the catalogue, both text and images, according to the requirements of each of the selected marketplaces
  5. SEO optimization of product pages, working on specific keywords, attributes and metadata
  6. Catalogue publishing for go live
  7. Content maintenance over time
  8. Design and creation of special premium and A+ content
  9. Copywriting and taxonomy

Store management and fulfillment

  1. Definition of the operational and logistical model for each business model (B2B and B2C), marketplace and geographical market
  2. Support and relationship management with marketplaces 
  3. Opening and configuration of accounts on selected marketplaces
  4. Order management
  5. Monitoring of marketplace invoices
  6. Dispute management on shortage claim, price claim, chargeback
  7. Sales performance monitoring
gestione budget

Advertising & marketing budget management

  1. Preparation of the marketing and advertising strategy aimed at achieving the prefixed economic or visibility targets 
  2. Definition of the budget to be allocated for each business model (B2B and B2C), marketplace and geographical market
  3. Implementation of advertising campaigns through the tools and functionalities provided by each marketplace
  4. Implementation of annual marketing plan and promotions/deals dedicated to specific digital events such as Black Friday and Singles’ Day
  5. Monitoring of effectiveness/efficiency KPIs with constant evaluation of results achieved and spending
brand protection

Brand/Account protection

  1. Managing the set-up of the Brand registry 
  2. Definition and implementation of a Brand Protection strategy
  3. Monitoring the client brand’s products and its main competitors
  4. Monitoring of brand name, keywords, logo, patent design 
  5. Definition of action plan 
  6. Managing third party infringements in each country, according to the guidelines defined by the brand in the set-up phase
  7. Monitoring of buy box, pricing, unauthorized resellers, keywords, etc.
customer care

Customer Service

Customer support at all stages of the customer journey  

a. Pre-sales: monitoring and managing product-related questions

b. Sales: managing customer information requests

c. Post-sales: monitoring of tracking and delivery times, management of non-conformities and returns, monitoring and management of customer reviews in both reactive and proactive modes

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & data analytics

  1. Collection and management of brand, category and competitor sales data
  2. Creation of periodical reports on sales / management control / advertising / brand protection / violations / disputes / reputation / fee collection / returns 
  3. Data analysis and development of an action plan on the basis of insights developed ad-hoc for the client
  4. Creation of customized dashboards for the client, also integrated with external data sources

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