A proprietary technology platform
at the service of Vendors, Sellers and Agencies

Our technology platform is a corporate asset that sets us apart and gives you the edge.

Our proprietary platform breathes life into an integrated ecosystem comprising all the online distribution players (clients, marketplaces, logistics and technology partners, external data sources) and enabling the automated and scalable management of all the main steps of digital sales on e-commerce marketplaces.

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Digital Catalogue

Contains all clients’ product sheets, with text and images, and is integrated with more than 45 international sales platforms.

Guarantees maximum flexibility and customization in the management of each client’s catalogue thanks to the modular structure of the catalogue’s database.

Consente di selezionare e gestire in modo differenziato i singoli prodotti adattandone prezzo, quantità disponibile e descrizione in base al marketplace e al Paese di vendita

Allows you to select and manage individual products separately, adjusting their price, available quantity and description to fit each online marketplace and country of sale.

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Management of Orders

Manages the flow of orders received via over 150 accounts and online stores currently operated in both Vendor and Seller modes.

The following processes are carried out in real time:

checks of profit margins and prices

management of purchase orders and logistics operations, guaranteeing the best possible fulfilment of orders thanks to optimization algorithms.

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Integration middleware

Connects the technological platform with dozens of warehouses and internal and external logistics operators, national and international couriers, and the management systems of over 180 clients and suppliers.

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Data Lake e Dashboard Dinamiche

Structured, analytical system that allows you to analyse and organize the data collected and processed by BrandOn and by external sources in Dashboards customized for a particular client, product category, online marketplace or country, or for any combination of these variables:

Trend in turnover

Economic and financial KPIs

Performance of each brand and product

Order fulfilment rate

Trend in logistics costs

Comparative analysis of market prices

Filters: time span, product category, country, online marketplace so as to refine management of the analysis

Analysis: by period, e-commerce marketplace and product category