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In 2022 the global Consumer Electronics industry was worth some $1.062 billion with predicted annual growth of 2.51% by 2027. 43.6 % of sales are accounted for by e-commerce and the online segment is poised to grow by more than 10% by 2027.

In Europe 45.7% of sales in the industry are online, the highest proportions for the different national markets being as follows: UK 60.9%, Germany 56%, France 39.4 % and Spain 36.4%. Conversely, Italy has only 24.9% of e-commerce sales in consumer electronics. This shows that the country has a large amount of untapped potential.

In this report we analyse online marketplace demand during Cyber Week 2022, comparing it to demand in 2020 and 2021.

Demand was extremely high in 2022 and peaked in week 45, namely a fortnight before Cyber Week. In 2020 and 2021 there was far less demand generated by online marketplaces. This pattern of consumer behaviour is probably explained by the fact that we’re emerging from the scarcity of products that characterized the pandemic.

Indeed, marketplace demand during Cyber Week 2022 was 48% higher than for the corresponding period in 2021 and some 68% higher than in 2020. This shows that, although there are no longer COVID-19 closures or restrictions, the changes induced in consumer behaviour – notably the shift to buy more goods online – are having a lasting impact.

Another trend analysed concerns prices: our databases reveal a significant increase in prices in 2022 for Consumer Electronics products: between 8% and 13% compared to 2021, and 12% to 15% higher than 2020.

What were the ten top-selling products during Cyber Week 2022?

What were the most popular products in previous years?

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