The success of BrandOn Group in assisting businesses towards profitable and sustainable growth on major online marketplaces is attributed to our proprietary technological platform. This platform serves as the cornerstone of our integrated ecosystem, orchestrating all aspects of the digital sales process with automation and scalability, ensuring efficiency and innovation.

What Sets Our Technologies Apart?

Advanced Integrations:

With over 80 integrated marketplaces, our platform facilitates real-time product uploading and updating, ensuring a widespread and up-to-date presence in the global market.

Management Automation:

Our platform optimizes processes such as stock monitoring, order management, shipments, and invoicing, guaranteeing precision and speed through automation.

Automatic Price Comparison:

Dedicated tools enable automatic online price comparison, ensuring clients can consistently offer the best conditions to their consumers.

Discover Our Technologies in Detail

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ZION for Online Catalog Management:

ZION integrates our customers’ product sheets with major international sales platforms, offering unprecedented customization and flexibility in descriptions, prices, and quantities.

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Ambra & Karl for Order Management:

These vendor and seller specific platforms optimize the flow of orders from active sales stores, ensuring optimal margin management, price verification precision, and efficient fulfillment.

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Integration middleware

Bridget seamlessly connects our technology with warehouses, logistics, couriers, and management systems, ensuring real-time updates and maximum accuracy.

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Bees – API for Customers:

Bees APIs enable standardized integration for both sellers and suppliers, ensuring maximum precision and traceability in listing, availability, order management, and shipping processes.

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Dynamic Price

An automated repricer tool adjusts product prices on marketplaces in real-time, based on competitive strategies and market data, maximizing sales and profits for sellers.

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Robin for Amazon Vendor Dispute Management:

Robin optimizes dispute management on Amazon Vendor, simplifying the dispute resolution process and ensuring effective communication with Amazon for successful resolutions.

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Sales Dashboard for Data Management and Reporting:

Our single interface platform monitors product performance on marketplaces, providing user-friendly reporting, real-time account health monitoring, and time-saving analytics.

Experience the Growth with Our Technologies

BrandOn Group is committed to offering the best technologies to ensure significant growth on online marketplaces. Contact us now to experience the power of our technologies, such as marketplace analytics.