Sales & Performance

Our goal is to help you maximize sales on online marketplaces. That’s why we have created two sales models that can concretely meet all your needs and requirements.

Furthermore, whatever the request for support on the marketplaces, we can satisfy it thanks to the skills of our team and the integrated technologies we use.

There are many services you can request our advice on. From sales strategy to catalog implementation, from advertising activities to tax and legal management, our consultants have all the experience and skills to be able to support you and achieve your desired goals together. Here are the specific areas of intervention with the related services we offer.

sales and performance schema
  • Competitor analysis and Buy Box
  • Management of promotions and offers
  • Support to negotiation with marketplaces/VMS
  • Online store management
  • Advice on the profitability of products/marketplaces
  • Price positioning analysis and support
  • Discount management and profitability analysis
  • Creation of SEO multi-marketplaces optimized product sheets
  • Optimized language translations
  • Loading, periodic catalog check
  • Ad hoc photoshoot
  • Creation of A+ cards
  • Creation of brand stores
  • Creation of strategy and forecasting of advertising campaigns
  • Execution of advertising campaigns
  • Creation of dashboards with main KPIs
  • Sales availability/visibility by channel
  • Advanced reporting
  • End-to-end integration with systems
  • Real-time up-to-date availability
  • Same-day shipping
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Optimized rates on BrandOn volumes by destination
  • Warehouses in Italy, France, Holland, United Kingdom
  • Returns management and quality control
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Invoicing to end customers
  • VAT declaration in the relevant countries
  • EPR enrollment
  • Disputes and handling account violations

Our marketplace sales models to develop your business

Two sales models that differ in their ability to adapt to specific business needs. Two models with clear advantages and defined goals to be achieved together. Two models that we have designed to improve your performance on online marketplaces and start exploiting the potential of these powerful sales channels. And that’s not all: we are also at your side as a service provider.

Merchant of Record (MoR)

We sell your products directly on marketplaces, optimizing performance.

Through our active stores on Amazon and over 50 international marketplaces, our offer ensures the online presence of your products in a short time, without you having to worry about complex fiscal, legal and administrative management. You will only have to focus on the sales strategy. Discover the advantages of the MoR model now!


Thanks to us you can finally maximize online sales on the marketplaces, maintaining direct management of the accounts you own. You will have full control over fiscal, administrative and legal operations. We will take care of key elements of the marketplace strategy such as catalog organization, advertising activities and management of relationships with marketplaces. Discover the advantages of our offer now.

Rely on BrandOn Group to sell on marketplaces

If you don’t sell on marketplaces, you’re missing out on an unparalleled growth opportunity. These channels represent the ideal path to establish yourself internationally, increase your sales, and have greater visibility and authority. We specialize in the distribution of products in different product categories including Parapharmaceuticals and Health, Hygiene and Personal Care, Sports and Leisure, Home and Kitchen, Toys, Food & Wine, and much more.

We’re here for you. To guide you every step of the way. To support you at all times. To celebrate our achievements together. Start selling on online marketplaces now.