On line Top Trend 2024

If 2023 was a complex year, marked by an increase in interest rates, an increase in oil prices, geopolitical volatility and continued inflation, as well as the geopolitical uncertainty increased by the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 2024 will also be a […]

Black friday

The Increase in on line sales during q4 2023

The last quarter of the year is also known to be the most important for all companies selling on online marketplaces. Black Friday and Cyber Week in general have, especially with the pandemic, changed the habits of consumers, who wait […]

amazon vendor central

Amazon Vendor Central: management, challenges and advantages

If you are an Online Seller, you’ve probably heard of Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central.  These are two different platforms that give sellers the ability to collaborate with Amazon in different ways.  Which are the differences between Amazon […]

kpi key perfomance indicators

Amazon KPI’s: What they are and how to understand them

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, Amazon has emerged as a global giant, offering sellers a vast market to showcase their products.  To succeed in this competitive landscape, it is essential to understand the numbers, dynamics and results through the […]

Elettronica di consumo

The Consumer Electronics market in Italy and Europe

What is meant by Consumer Electronics Consumer electronics is a real industry that makes all those home devices that we use daily for communication and entertainment and it can improve and simplify our everyday tasks in leisure and at work, […]

Sports tools

Sport on Marketplaces

Online marketplaces offer access to endless search options where consumers and sellers can benefit from a number of advantages over the traditional retail market. In the field of sporting goods the main evolution has mainly concerned on direct sales to […]

Shop sustainably and choose eco friendly products

Sustainability in E-commerce

Nowdays Sustainability is a main issue, especially at a global level. The 2030’s plan for Sustainable Development is focused on 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve environmental, economic, social and institutional fields. Even in the e-commerce landscape, sustainability is not […]

Marketplace Shopping online


There is a lot of talk about marketplaces, platforms that especially in recent years have become increasingly important and recognised for online shopping. But, to understand more, let us start with the main question. WHAT EXACTLY IS A MARKETPLACE? AND […]

Depositphotos S

Seo on Amazon: how to optimize products sheets

Doing SEO on Amazon is essential to achieve and improve product and/or brand positioning on the marketplace. Amazon, besides being the most used marketplace in the world, is also a powerful search engine, just like Google, but mainly focused on […]

Amazon brand store


Having a brand store on Amazon is an opportunity for companies that want to protect their brand, increase visibility and online sales. In this article we will explain in simple steps how to create an effective and appealing brand store […]

online shopping keyboard

Bringing your brand to Amazon in 2022

Why you should consider to bring your brand to Amazon in 2022? It can be perceived as a daunting endeavor but being present on Amazon is no longer an optional choice, especially at the beginning of the new year.

logo tavola

The case of Tavola SpA

Among the realities on our territory, which belong to this sector, Tavola SpA is surely an example. It is a business which realised how important online business development was[..]

seo business concept

Amazon SEO: Let’s have some tips!

Today, being on a marketplace such as Amazon is vital for all those brands who want to be more visible. However, it is even more important to improve the presence online; therefore, having a SEO strategy is a good starting […]

global online marketplace nearly 2 67 trillion

gmv 2020 report about online merketplaces

Top Three Global Online Marketplaces Accounted for Nearly Two-Thirds of $2.67 Trillion 2020 GMV Online marketplaces around the world enjoyed stratospheric growth in 2020. According to the research data analyzed and published by, the cumulative sales for the top […]