Marketplace Academy

In an ever-changing digital ecosystem, marketplaces have gained a central position among sales channels, revolutionizing the way companies think about their business and reach new customers.

This change offers many areas of growth and market, but it also requires increasingly specific skills to excel in the sector and make the most of these opportunities. The risk is to miss out on earning opportunities if you don’t work alongside experienced professionals who know the sector.

This is why we have decided to put our experience, skills, and knowledge at the service of companies that want to be guided in this new digital frontier.

Thanks to BrandOn Group you have:

  1. Clear and up-to-date information on the world of marketplaces, including the latest trends and key success factors;
  2. A professional guide on how to sell online thanks to marketplaces by implementing the right strategies to maximize profits;
  3. The tools to manage the sustainable growth of your company, making the most of the different sales platforms.

Whether you want to explore new sales horizons, refine your company’s digital strategies, or are simply curious to discover the possibilities offered by marketplaces, this is the right place for you.

Webinars &

Why take the time to attend our events and follow our webinars?

The answer is simple: knowledge and sharing are the most important means to stay on top of change and take advantage of every opportunity. We offer you the opportunity to listen to and interact with high-level guests from different areas of the digital and business world, enriching your information with knowledge, original content, and unique food for thought.

Our meetings, both online and face-to-face, are designed to stimulate discussion, encourage the exchange of ideas, and promote learning through direct experiences and the sharing of company visions.

Check it out now: you’ll find a variety of exclusive content to immerse yourself in the dynamics of online marketplaces and explore their full potential.

The world of marketplaces is constantly evolving. If you miss the latest updates, you risk missing out on important revenue opportunities. That’s why we’ve put together free guides for you on how to start selling on the main international marketplaces, including Allegro, eBay, Emag, Faire, Kaufland, Mano Mano, Perfume’s Club, Rue Du Commerce, and many more.

Each guide has been curated to offer detailed information on the requirements needed to sell on that specific marketplace. Don’t miss the opportunity to access valuable information and advice directly from experts and professionals in the field. Go to the dedicated section.