Merchant of record

We sell your products directly on the marketplaces, optimizing performance.

Through our active stores on Amazon and over 50 international marketplaces, we manage all services in the most functional way to increase sales, margins and awareness of your products.

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Three benefits of the Merchant of Record model

Thanks to the Merchant of Record model you will finally have the opportunity to:

  1. In a short time, you will have your products online on more than 80 marketplaces;
  2. You won’t have to worry about fiscal, legal, and administrative management anymore. Everything will be paid for by BrandOn (just think of the final billing to the customer). We will take care of all financial and accounting procedures such as payments, returns, regulations, and taxation in the countries of sale with our VAT number;
  3. You will finally have the time to think about your sales strategy and core business as we will fully manage the operational part, such as catalog management, pricing, advertising activities, and relations with the marketplaces. Thanks to our technology, we will receive product requests in real-time and quickly match them with your stock availability and sales price.

The marketplaces on which we sell your products

We sell your products on national and international marketplaces. We will choose the right platform for you in terms of your corporate business to guarantee the best return on investment.

These are just some of the marketplaces on which we operate:

Why choose the Merchant of Record model

Without the MoR model, you will be forced to set up a structure to manage the logistics part, facing a series of fixed costs (including the resources that will take care of the management of all the sectors previously addressed). Without BrandOn’s support, you risk investing time and money and not being able to achieve the same results and performance. And that’s not all: you will no longer be able to devote yourself exclusively to the strategic part as you will be overwhelmed with VAT returns for the various countries, invoices, and accounting documents.

That’s why we’re here with you. We will take care of everything thanks to the professional skills acquired over the years. The only step you need to take is to choose our offer to simplify your access to marketplaces, without direct ownership of accounts.

We will be your voice in the negotiations and we will use our authority on the marketplaces to guarantee you the best competitive advantage. Now choose the Merchant of Record model and fill out the form. One of our consultants will call you shortly to explain how to start this precious collaboration.