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Today, having the right knowledge to navigate and sell on marketplaces is of fundamental importance. Without it, it is difficult to use these channels to expand your sales and reach new customers.

It becomes essential to rely on professionals in the sector who know perfectly how to move on these channels. For this reason, we have decided to create informative guides for you on how to take your first steps on the main international marketplaces.

Within these guides, you will find valuable information on the best practices to adopt and a series of insights to study with extreme care. In this way, you have the opportunity to have updated information on the e-commerce world and finally understand how these channels work.

The guides we have created for you

For each marketplace, we have studied the main features to provide you with information, insights, and actionable guides. What are you waiting for? Download the guide to the marketplace you are most interested in learning about.

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1. Allegro

Guide to Marketplaces:

  1. The Polish Marketplace;
  2. How to start selling on Allegro;
  3. The essentials of a seller on Allegro.

Allegro is Poland’s leading Marketplace offering buyers a wide range of products, from consumer goods to electronic products.

Thanks to its online presence, it has around 77% of sales in its country.

The high percentage is mainly related to the ease of selling on Allegro, as the only elements a seller has to manage are content, sales quality, visibility and shipping.

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2. Ebay

Guide to Marketplaces:

logo guida ebay
  1. History of the Ebay Marketplace;
  2. Ebay in the World;
  3. How to sell on Ebay
  4. Case History: Grip Moto

Ebay is a leading global marketplace, arrived in Italy in 2001 and whose main objective is to connect buyers and sellers from all parts of the world.

It is present in 190 countries and has recently begun its journey of change and repositioning in the online marketplace. An interesting case study is Grip Moto which, thanks to its presence on Ebay, manages to turnover around 10 million euro with a small team of 20 people.

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3. eMag

Guide to Marketplaces:

logo guida emag
  1. The Romanian E-Mag Marketplace
  2. Online opportunities on E-Mag
  3. Support for selling on the Marketplace
  4. How to sell on E-Mag
  5. Case History: Bobilandia

The E-Mag Marketplace is the largest online platform in south-eastern Europe and since 2012 has been part of the Naspers group, the largest e-commerce group after Amazon and Alibaba.

The positioning of a brand on this platform gives a very prosperous outlook, even suggesting an increase in sales of around 25 per cent per year.

The marketplace offers support and/or marketing management.

A case in point is Bobilandia, which shows how product support, site translation, customer service and positioning on the Romanian marketplace can have a positive impact on small retailers, also thanks to the support offered by the marketplace.

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4. Faire

Guide to Marketplaces:

  1. The Marketplace Faire
  2. The Faire Direct service
  3. How to sell on Faire
  4. Case History: Crispino Family                                                                                                                                                                                                

Faire is a marketplace born in 2017 in America and landed in 2021 in Italy, which manages online sales for the B2B market.

Access to the marketplace provides several benefits such as a larger market and savings in time and money.

Among other services, Faire also offers an online sales model called Faire Direct.

A relevant case history on the Faire marketplace is that of the producers of Famiglia Crispino, who highlight how simple and intuitive it is to start selling online on this marketplace.

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5. Kaufland

Guide to Marketplaces:

logo guida kaufland
  1. The German marketplace Kaufland
  2. The online site templates
  3. The opportunities offered by Kaufland
  4. How to sell on Kaufland
  5. Case History: BrandOn Group

Kaufland is a German marketplace specialized in electronics, fashion and gardening.

Access to the marketplace allows brands to use various services such as marketing services, logistics model, product data, free delivery.

The marketplace offers great opportunities and high visibility to those who decide to sell on Kaufland, as it is the third largest marketplace in Germany.

A relevant case history is that of the seller BrandOn Group, which, thanks to the platform’s services, is able to maximize its online sales.

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6. ManoMano

Guide to Marketplaces:

logo guida manomano
  1. The Mano Mano Marketplace
  2. How to sell on Mano Mano
  3. Mano Mano Pro

The Marketplace ManoMano, established in 2013 in France and in 2015 in Italy, operates in the DIY, home and gardening sectors.

The Marketplace offers logistics, catalogue and payment services and promotes special events.

In 2020, it launched the ManoMano Pro service in Italy, which gives building professionals the opportunity to sell online.

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7. Perfume’s Club

Guide to Marketplaces: Perfume’s Club

perfumes club
  1. The Perfume’s Club Marketplace
  2. Managing the online platform 
  3. How to sell on Perfume’s Club
  4. Case History: Stockly

The Marketplace Perfume’s Club was born in Palma de Mallorca in 2020 and its core business is Beauty, Parapharmacy & Wellness, but it also ranges in other categories.

It defines its catalogue according to the preferences of sellers and uses specific technology to manage online sales.

A relevant case history is that of Stockly, one of the top sellers on the online site.

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8. Rue du Commerce

Guide to Marketplaces:
Rue du Commerce

rue du commerce
  1. The French Marketplace Rue du Commerce;
  2. The marketplace’s support for sellers;
  3. Why choosing Rue De Commerce.

Rue De Commerce is the first French Marketplace selling products from High-tech to House Equipment.

The site provides each seller with a team of experts to provide advice on how to position themselves on the marketplace. 

The presence of brands on the online site offers several advantages such as competitive commissions, free marketing or guides available for each Merchant.

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9. Spartoo

Guide to Marketplaces: Spartoo

logo guida spartoo
  1. The history of the Spartoo Marketplace;
  2. How to sell on Spartoo;
  3. The initial process of the marketplace

The Spartoo Marketplace was founded in 2006 in France, dealing mainly with the sale of shoes. Since 2020 it has landed in Italy and has expanded its categories to Fashion and also Home Decor.

In order to sell on the marketplace, sellers must have and comply with special requirements such as quality offers and specific brand names.

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10. TradeInn

Guide to Marketplaces: Trade Inn

logo guida tradeinn
  1. The Spanish marketplace Tradeinn
  2. The advantages of selling on the marketplace
  3. How to sell on Tradeinn
  4. The objective of Tradeinn

Tradeinn was born about 12 years ago in Spain and it is specialized in the sale of fashion, lifestyle, home, garden and sports items.

It ships to almost 190 countries and sells most frequently in Spain, France, Germany and England.

A presence on the marketplace allows companies to gain certain advantages such as: increased brand visibility, simplified integration process, and sales throughout Europe.

To start selling online on the Spanish marketplace you have to follow a well-defined process and Tradeinn’s main objective is to help small entrepreneurs to sell and grow in the European market.

Do you want to start selling on TradeInn? Download the Free Guide.

11. Yoox

Guide to Marketplaces: Yoox

  1. The Yoox marketplace
  2. Why the Yoox Marketplace was born
  3. How to sell on Yoox

Yoox is a Marketplace born in 2000. In 2009 it created a new section called Yooxygen, entirely dedicated to sustainability.

The Onboarding process for the selection of suitable sellers to sell on Yoox is developed in 3 phases, in which it tries to best define the process that a seller must follow to sell online.

The birth of the Yoox Marketplace arose from the brand’s need to give sellers more control so that they could create pure partnerships.

Do you want to start selling on Yoox? Download the Free Guide.

12. Fruugo

Guide to Marketplaces: Fruugo

  1. The Fruugo marketplace
  2. The Marketplace opportunity
  3. The advantages of selling on Fruugo
  4. Case History: Argofield

Fruugo is a Marketplace established in 2016 that focuses on Clothing & Accessories, Home & Garden, Health & Cosmetics, Electronics, Toys & Videogames, Sports, Arts & Entertainment.

The marketplace offers various opportunities, such as access to 46 countries in 28 different languages and the use of local payments. A Case History of relevance is Argofield, who says that access to the marketplace has given it opportunities he never had before.

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13. Miinto

Guide to Marketplaces: Miinto

miinto logo small
  1. The Miinto marketplace
  2. The positioning of Miinto
  3. The services offered by the marketplace
  4. How to start selling on Miinto
  • The Miinto marketplace
  • The positioning of Miinto
  • The services offered by the marketplace

Miinto is a marketplace that was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen and initially dealt exclusively with selling in its own country.
The marketplace focuses exclusively on the clothing category.
It offers different types of services such as a dedicated Key Account Manager.
The process of initialisation with Miinto is defined by 3 steps, illustrated in this guide.

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