Account manager on Amazon


In day-to-day operations on marketplaces, there are many different activities that need to be controlled so that the client accounts can achieve the desired performance.
In fact, monitoring the sales trend by examining the causes of any drops in sales and performance is crucial to adjust the future trend promptly.

In this article, we will talk specifically about the daily control activities on a Vendor account on Amazon, and the crucial actions taken by an account manager in order to maintain high performance over time.

So let’s talk about the essential actions of an account manager to control the customer’s performance.
Among the main control activities, all closely connected, we find:

  1. Stock control, checking the amount available in Amazon inventory.

It is important to carry out this check because it is closely related to the visibility and availability of the offer. 

It is important to monitor if there is a stock that follows the monthly trend, so that there will not be overstocks,  excessive stocks that could lead to future problems, or out of stocks.

However, the Out of Stock situation can be solved by the account with a series of actions, such as the Born to Run action, which allows the offer to get visible and available in a short time.

  1. Buy Box Analysis

This is an activity that must be carried out on a weekly basis and on all the references in the catalogue.

But what is the purpose of Buy Box analysis?

It helps us to understand who is selling our client’s offer in order to implement actions that affect the visibility of the Buy Box:

  • If we are selling it (on behalf of our client), we can identify and analyze any causes of lack of visibility and decline in sales. Once we have identified the reasons, we can implement a series of actions that restore proper performance, in terms of sales and visibility.
  • If we are not selling it, we may carry out price checks on other distributors and sellers of the Buy Box in order to implement, with our client’s agreement, promotional actions that allow us to regain the Buy Box within two days.
  1. Visibility of product sheets

A card full of content and information helps the customer to trust the offer and buy it, preferring it to those of competitors and other distributors and sellers. 

It is, therefore, a key element for customer loyalty.

  1. Price competitiveness

Price connects us with the market and is therefore a key sales driver.

A fair price must be:

  • In line with the market, for the reference category
  • Able to produce positive margins for both our client and Amazon

In conclusion

Selling on Amazon is a very complex activity, subject to numerous unforeseen events and high competitiveness.

To maintain high levels of performance, the role of the dedicated Account Manager on Amazon is crucial.

Only with daily checks can any changes be adjusted in time, so that the correct and normal flow of sales and performance is respected.