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Amazon SEO: Let’s have some tips!

Today, being on a marketplace such as Amazon is vital for all those brands who want to be more visible. However, it is even more important to improve the presence online; therefore, having a SEO strategy is a good starting point.

SEO stands for Search Engine Organization. It represents all the activities who helps improving the quality and the quantity of a website positioning. It also aims at reaching all business goals, starting from the keywords given by online research results.

For Amazon, having a SEO is an important asset for those wanting to improve their positioning inside the platform. Amazon cannot be considered only as a marketplace, but as a real search engine. It is different from Google where users surf to research on various subjects. On Amazon, every research aims to conquer the BuyBox, which means an increase in the number of customers per page, as well as in purchases.

The Amazon SEO relies on an A9 algorithm, which ranks the product according to a key word. They’re classified according to what Amazon wants to offer its customers. The ranking factors this algorithm makes use of are relevance and performance. They’re also divided into subbranches, thanks to which brands will be more visible and will sell more.

The relevance is the satisfaction rate of research queries of the customers, and it includes the following aspects:

  • Product title: It should include various info, such as brand name, product, model, material, dimension, and colour. Given that it is the most important element to be found on Amazon, it shouldn’t have too many key words, because it worsens the positioning of research results.
  • Product description and bullet point: These sections must be used to give some more detailed information, to underline the product advantages, as well as to use the most useful keywords for the SEO, in order to be found easily.
  • Backend Keywords: They’re hidden keywords, which can be uploaded on the product page through the Amazon Seller account. Their goal is to help the algorithm to better understand what to show when a specific info is required. There’re some rules to be considered, in order to fill the product keywords correctly. These include for example the non-repetition of the same keyword, avoiding commas, using synonyms, and avoiding confusing keywords.

On the other hand, performance indicates the positioning of a product with a strong sales history. Performance related factors are more difficult to analyse, and they include:

  • Price: it has a relative impact on conversion rates. Prices must be competitive, because it has an influence on the click percentage from customers, because they confront them with competitors and with the sales on the product page.
  • Feedbacks: They’re essential to Amazon SEO because they increase performances. They provide customers with more info concerning an item and they ‘re a factor which can make sales increase. Products with a good number of feedbacks, scored with more than 4.5 points out of 5, have more chances of appearing among the first research results on Amazon. An aspect you have to put up with is not to concentrate only on positive feedbacks, but also on the negative ones. You must try to understand why the customer claimed and consequently you must solve the problem.
  • Product image: They improve the product performance. We suggest having at least 6 of them, with 2 HD. In order to avoid the product to be permanently taken off from the platform, they must respect some parameters (jpg, 1000×500 pixel dimension, and a minimal resolution of 72 dpi).
  • Sending: Logistics has an influence on the ranking of the product, and that’s why Amazon provides its sellers with FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), thanks to which the platform manages the warehouse, stock, sending process, envelopment, after-selling assistance, and customer service.

In conclusion, SEO for Amazon is a very complicated process, which is always changing. However, we must take it into account to assure the success of the brand in such a competitive market. Having a right SEO leads to concrete results in both a better position in organic research, and more conversions.