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Marketplace Tour 2023

Innovating Through Marketplaces

A practical guide, insights and inside information regarding the most innovative topics concerning the marketplace economy.

Individual sessions dealing with Europe’s best-known e-commerce marketplaces, how to make best use of them, best practices and upcoming challenges. A Netcomm publication produced in collaboration with BrandOn Group.

From A to Z: Glossary of Amazon terms and acronyms for Vendors and Sellers

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From A to Z: Glossary of Amazon terms and acronyms for Vendors and Sellers

For most companies entering the world of e-commerce, this inevitably also means entering the world of Amazon. Making sense of the leading marketplace’s numerous terms, jargon and acronyms is not always easy or intuitive.

This guide offers a glossary to the most commonly encountered terms and abbreviations you need to know when selling on Amazon.

Guide to


Guide to Chargebacks

Companies selling on Amazon run the risk of incurring chargebacks, namely fees charged when Amazon’s standards of compliance are not satisfied.

This valuable guide provides a detailed description of the most common chargebacks, divided into 7 different types, and analyses the possible causes, ways of helping to prevent chargebacks occurring, and how to dispute a chargeback claim. It also offers technical and organizational tips on handling and disputing chargebacks.