Complete and modular offer

Sales B2B

Do you want to sell your products on online marketplaces?

We purchase your products based on the demand generated by marketplaces worldwide and so as to tally directly with your inventory.

Sell your products at the most advantageous price; we’ll take care of everything else.

Sales B2C

Do you want to sell your products to end consumers?

We purchase your products and sell them through our stores located on the main international marketplaces.

Sell your products at the most advantageous price; we’ll take care of everything else.

Corporate Sales

Do you want to create your own marketplace store?
Would you like to improve your online sales strategy?
Do you need support only for one stage of the process?

We can guide you every step of the way as you enter the e-commerce marketplaces, from opening the store to creation of the catalogue and logistical management, or we can provide you with whichever services you require and those alone.

Markets and Marketplaces where we enable you to sell

We operate internationally on all the main online marketplaces. 
Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, we assess the specific needs of each client and select the best approach in each case.

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Punti di Forza - Tecnologia proprietaria

Proprietary Technology

Thanks to the development of our proprietary technology platform, we’ve created an integrated ecosystem connecting all the online distribution players in real time.

icone software
Punti di Forza - Logistica


We work in partnership with highly skilled logistics operators and distributors guaranteeing effective coverage across Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA.

Via our network we can manage all the logistical steps from receipt of the product to shipment and through to the check of the relevant KPIs.

We offer different options in terms of management models that can be selected and fine-tuned on the basis of the client’s needs or the channel concerned.

Punti di Forza - Piano di promozione


We define and implement an Advertising Plan based on your objectives, optimizing the campaigns for the target in question.

We collect and analyse keywords in real time, identifying the most important by search volume and relevance to your product.

We provide you with regular, highly detailedreports monitoring sales trends and your strategic objectives over time.

Punti di Forza - Catalogo Digitale


We create and manage your online catalogue, optimizing it for each marketplace and each language.

We handle SEO of product pages, using specific keywords, attributes and metadata.

We design and produce special premium content and A+ content.

Punti di Forza - Servizio Assistenza Clienti

Customer Care

We manage all communication with your customers, including replying to their requests and queries, reverse logistics, investigation of issues and complaints, and solving of these problems by means of refunds and/or replacements.

Our integrated Customer Service is available in 8 languages for cases of:

Right to return a product in accordance with the law;

Faulty products;

Non-compliant products.

Punti di Forza - Analisi Dati

Data Analysis

We carry out analysis by product category and marketplace so as to determine the right positioning for your brand.

We provide insights into your sales trends on e-commerce marketplaces and into the development of your product category, thanks to our dedicated team, who can read and interpret all the relevant marketplace data.

This analysis enables us to make strategic decisions in order to continually improve the presence of your brand on online marketplaces.

Punti di Forza - Reportistica


We provide regular reports – their frequency is agreed between the parties based on the nature of the project – on sales, stock, positioning, price and profitability KPIs for each marketplace.

Punti di Forza - Amministrazione


We take care of all the administrative management of your sales on marketplaces, including invoicing customers.

Punti di Forza - Controllo Qualità

Quality Control

We analyze and monitor the whole B2B sales process so as to guarantee high quality standards; we deal with and resolve as effectively as possible any dispute arising with our commercial partners.

We make sure that you’re paid all amounts due and that our commercial partners don’t apply any unfair extra charges. Our objective is to enhance the whole sales process starting from an analysis of the available data.