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Batasiolo forms a partnership with BrandOn Group

Wine and E-commerce: BrandOn Group’s experience and know-how at the service of Batasiolo. Langhe’s well known wine company proposes a selection of wines in the online market to widen its fame and to promote its products 

Batasiolo forms a partnership with BranOn Group to adapt its business to digital marketplaces, by meeting new needs from customers, as well as from an evolving market  

In 2020, more than 8 million Italian consumers chose to buy their bottles of wine online (27% of total wine consumers). 24% of them will keep on buying them online even after the end of the pandemic

Selling wine and agri-food products online is becoming a growing trend. There are more and more businesses, as well as retailers who understood not only how important it is to build a strategy to manage their own digital channels, but also how important the role of marketplaces is to strengthen their online business. Because of the first lockdown, in 2020’s Italy, more than 8 million consumers decided to buy their bottles of wine online: that’s 27% of the total wine consumers. 24% of them will keep on buying them online even after the end of the pandemic. 

Langhe’s wine company Batasiolo produces 2 million and a half bottles of wine every year (250-300 thousand of them are bottles of Barolo docg.) and she decided to trust Italian company BrandOn Group (which helps other businesses to enter the online market, by collaborating with the main international marketplaces) for a 360° strategic evaluation for both marketing and communication branches. This decision was made because Batasiolo wants to expand its own business on digital marketplaces, as well as to promote the presence and the tasting of its wines to more customers.

Being able to work with a company in the wine sector to develop an online strategy and sales plan is a very enriching experience for us. BranOn Group continues to valorise Made in Italy”, says Paola Marzario, President of BrandOn Group

Our technological platforms, our updated vision of the main opportunities this market offers as well as our 10 years long experience, allow us to put together innovation and technology, by providing our customers with original solutions and effective new strategies. We’re happy to work with Batasiolo. For more than 50 years, this company has been promoting Barolo all around the world. In today’s context, it is crucial to work with someone who has the right competencies to face digitalising and internationalising processes. It makes the difference and there is still a lot to do to reach a good level of online cultural education BrandOn Group wants to raise awareness of.” 

The professional spirit, together with an excellent entrepreneurial and futuristic vision, are part of Batasiolo and Dogliani Family’s 50 years long history and wine production. That’s why they decided to rely on a partner such as BrandOn Group.