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BrandOn Group takes over 100% of the french company ASD

BrandOn Group, top player del mondo marketplace, takes over 100% of the french compagny ASD and doubles the turnover.

The construction of a new European hub for digital export begins in Naples

The operation was supported by a capital increase subscribed by CDP Venture Capital, Credem Private Equity, and Primo Ventures

  • Total revenue after acquisition: +70 million euros;
  • Increase in market share with +50 marketplaces in the portfolio;
  • Addition of two new locations in France;
  • Introduction of cutting-edge technologies to provide dynamic pricing and logistics integration services.

BrandOn Group, the tech company founded in Naples in 2012 by Paola Marzario, aimed at enabling businesses to sell more effectively on online marketplaces, acquires 100% of the French company ASD and doubles its revenue, surpassing 70 million euros. The construction of a technological hub for digital export begins in Naples.

BrandOn Group, with a forecasted revenue of 42 million euros (2022 closure), already operating on major global marketplaces, today announces the acquisition of ASD, a French company also operating in the digital commerce sector on marketplaces and specializing in Business to Consumer, with a revenue of over 30 million euros. This operation positions BrandOn Group as a leading entity in online marketplace sales. The Italian company significantly increases its market share in Europe, adding new marketplaces to its portfolio, developing important business synergies, and strengthening its digital know-how through the cutting-edge technologies of the French company. ASD, in fact, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm and technological integrations, offers its clients a “dynamic pricing” platform that operates on all major international marketplaces. By cross-referencing demand and supply, it defines the best price for each individual product, differentiated by channel. Additionally, ASD provides a logistic integration service that allows partner companies to quickly scale their sales volumes and achieve shipping standards comparable to those of major groups.

“This is a highly significant operation that not only consolidates our company as a ‘European technology facilitator’ but also actively involves us in this great era of Italian ‘ex-startups’ ready to become solid entities and look abroad to create new experiences of internationalization,” commented President Paola Marzario. “In addition to the acquisition, we are also pleased with the confirmation from the investors who have chosen to believe in us. These two events drive us to continue on the path we have taken.” CDP Ventures Capital, Credem Private Equity, and Primo Ventures, in fact, have just completed an additional investment in favor of the Neapolitan tech company. The new funding contributed to the acquisition of the French company.

“The recently concluded operation represents the first step in BrandOn Group’s development path, which not only leads to accelerated growth and consolidation of market position compared to competitors but also, thanks to the opening of two locations in France, internationalizes the company,” says CEO Vincenzo Pompa, who adds regarding the company’s future objectives, “The goal is to continue growing at the European level, both organically and through further acquisitions, to establish a dominant position in a rapidly growing marketplace market.” According to the latest data, marketplace sales in 2021 recorded a 25% increase compared to 2020, more than double the increase in pure e-commerce, which increased by 12% year over year (Enterprise Marketplace Index 2022 Mirakl data).

“This acquisition represents a major step towards internationalization for BrandOn,” says Francesca Ottier, Head of Fondo Italia Venture II at CDP Venture Capital. “We have followed BrandOn in a progressive path of strengthening its national business, and we are very proud to be present today and see it enter such an important foreign market.”

“We are pleased to have participated in this new funding round for BrandOn, a company we have supported since its inception. With these new resources, the company can expand its presence in new markets and

“This acquisition represents a big step towards internationalisation for BrandOn,” says Francesca Ottier, Head of CDP Venture Capital’s Fondo Italia Venture II, “We have been following BrandOn on a progressive path of strengthening its domestic business and we are very proud to be able to be present today and see it entering such an important foreign market.

“We are delighted to have participated in this new funding round in BrandOn, a company that we have been supporting since its foundation. With these new resources, the company will be able to expand its presence in new markets and present itself as a leader for all companies facing the complex challenge of selling on digital marketplaces,” said Antonio Concolino, Managing Director of Primo Ventures.

“We are delighted to contribute to the construction of a unique European group in terms of skills, geographical coverage and presence on marketplaces, both Business to Business and Business to Consumer,” said Nicolas Michel, founder and CEO of ASD. “This operation gives us the opportunity to accelerate our growth path in France and internationally by collaborating synergistically with skills and experience very similar to our own.