BrandOn Group is Champion of Growth 2024

🏆BrandOn Group is once again on the list of “Champions of Growth”, ranking among the 800 most dynamic companies in Italy in 2024.

The German Institute for Quality and Finance (ITQF) and La Repubblica Affari & Finanza analysed and selected the companies with the highest average annual growth over the three-year period 2019-2022.

To arrive at the ranking of the 800 “Champions of Growth”, Itgf started from a long list of more than 50 thousand companies, compiled using publicly available databases, online company data, tender analyses and communication portals.

The Economic Situation in Italy

Despite the great difficulties that the Italian but also the global economy is facing, some Italian SMEs show great dynamism, thanks to their ability to innovate, growing at an impressive pace.

The total turnover of the 800 ‘Champions of Growth’ in this edition is in fact 26 billion 724,554 euros.

In the 2019-2022 period covered by the survey, the number of workers rose by a total of almost 30,000.

The fight against unemployment necessarily passes through economic development. As at 31 December 2019, the number of employees was 41,932, while at the end of 2022 it had risen to 71,517. The growth was therefore 71%.

The best represented cities are Milan, Rome and Naples, with 94, 65 and 33 companies respectively.

BrandOn’s Growth

In the last three years, BrandOn has had an average annual growth of 37%, doubling the number of employees.

The growth shown here is organic, but BrandOn also continues to grow internationally. In fact, the acquisition of the French company ASD in November 2022 allowed us to strengthen our B2C business.

Of course we are not stopping here, this is just one more example of how BrandOn Group is still growing, both organically and through business expansion.