BrandOn Group ranks 32nd among the list “Growth Champions 2022″

This ranking was made by the German Institute for Quality and Finance (ITQF), together with Italian newspaper Repubblica Affari & Finanza. They selected among 600 enterprises who contributed the most to Italian development during the last three years.

BranOn Group was ranked 32 nd among the list “Growth Champions 2022”, made by the ITQF, a European independent leader institution for quality surveys. BranOn Group was among the companies who gave the biggest contribution to Italian development between 2017 and 2020.

This ranking, on its fourth edition, selected 600 excellencies from the Italian economy which, despite a difficult economic framework, were able to grow impressively during the 3 analysed years. In 2020, all these companies had a 50% growth in their combined turnover, compared to the year 2017. They also helped to create more than 30,000 jobs.

“Being among the 600 best companies is a tangible proof of the success of a company, as well as a concrete opportunity to show their entrepreneurship. It can also attract new business opportunities, new talents, as well as new investors. To be in the “Growth Champions” list helps not only to increase the reputation of the company from an employer point of view, but it also helps employees to imagine greater perspectives for the future. The selected companies will be rewarded with the ITQF seal of quality”, says ITQF director Christian Biecker, interviewed by partner newspaper Repubblica Affari & Finanza.

“To be among the best Italian companies who had such an impressive growth in Italy, having a positive influence on our country’s development makes us enormously proud. The core of our mission was always to provide the Italians with opportunities and wealth, through technology and innovation. Even during the pandemic, we managed to adapt to a new context, thanks to BrandOn Group strategy’s flexibility and differentiating abilities. We ended 2020 with a revenue of more than 32million euros, so it’s a +54% compared to 2019, our EBITDA was more than 1.7 billion euros (+70%), and our net profit was more than 300,000 euros. Apart from the economic perspective, we’re valorising new talents who work in our company, we’re increasing hirings, especially from Southern Italian regions” says Paola Marzario, President of BrandOn Group.