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BrandOn Group is an Amazon Ads Partner

We would like to remind you that BrandOn Group is certified as an Amazon Ads Partner.

What does this mean?

We are among the partners of the Amazon service network as a Full Service Marketplace Agency.

We work as an integrated partner with brands and companies to help them sell on Amazon and achieve their peak performance through catalog optimization, SEO, advertising, management and advanced strategy building.

Partner Network is a self-service hub that enables agencies and tool providers to manage their commercial relationships with Amazon Ads. It is designed to offer services to support the needs of advertisers.

To be part of the Amazon Ads Partner Network, you need to be specialized in an advertising product or offer advertising services. To join, you have to apply by following a specific application procedure and meet the requirements of Amazon Ads.  Learn more about the Amazon Ads Partner Network.

What is Amazon Ads?

We are all familiar with Amazon which, with over 300 million registered users in 180 countries, is one of the most famous and used marketplace platforms worldwide. Selling your products on Amazon allows you to reach large customer segments and give visibility to your brand.

A very important tool that Amazon makes available to optimize results and increase sales is Amazon Ads.

Amazon Ads (or Amazon Advertising) is the tool that helps Amazon sellers to better create and monitor their advertising campaign, to increase the visibility of their products and reach the right audience segments, i.e. the identified customer target.

With the use of advertisements on Amazon it is possible to generate sales directly driven by sponsored ads. The positive effect of higher sales also influences the organic positioning of sponsored products in the long term.

Amazon Ads presents a complete and complex platform, from which it is possible to manage one’s own (paid) Amazon campaigns, that is currently evolved and comparable to Google Ads.

“Conditio sine qua non” to access the service and start creating ads on Amazon: to have an active advertising account on the AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) platform.

Once you are in the big Amazon showcase, however, it is important to try to position yourself at the top of the Amazon site SERP for the keywords of interest related to your brand, since appearing among the first results on the screen of potential buyers can obviously make the difference.

In this sense Amazon Advertising is fundamental: it allows you to show your products among the top positions, through the use of campaigns structured around specifically designed keywords. Furthermore, as the number of sales increases, there is an improvement in organic positioning on the site (read our article: Learn Amazon SEO: some tips)

Why is BrandOn Group an Amazon Ads Partner?

To become an Amazon Ads Partner and obtain the certification, it is necessary to meet the accreditation requirements set by the official Amazon program. The Official Amazon Advertising Partner Network is a global community of agencies and tool providers who can help Amazon sellers and therefore Amazon advertisers achieve their marketing and business goals with Amazon Advertising products.

In fact, Amazon’s aim is to provide advertisers with a reliable list of partners they can turn to in order to outsource, optimize and enhance their advertising activities.

In conclusion, the opportunities offered by Amazon to sellers to increase their sales are countless, thanks also to tools such as Amazon Ads, which we have discussed in this article.

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